I am Aaron Steel

Music is my passion. Creating an arrangement of words attached to melodies combined with instruments, brings me satisfaction through this form of expression. At the age of 15 I picked up my Mom’s guitar and my cousin showed me how to play a simple Underoath song. I played that song until the tips of my fingers hardened. Soon I began looking for other songs to play and bothered anyone who could teach me anything. I took every music class that I could in school as music quickly became my passion. My parents supported this passion by suppling me with guitars, amps and recording equipment.

When I turned 18 I was in a band called Holland’s Hero. We thought our name was cleaver and significant because it comes from the story of how a small boy, just one person, saves an entire city by stopping a leak. Our music was creative and widely appealing but it was not long before our extremely talented singer moved away.

I could not sing but I was slightly better than the other guys and the only one willing to do it. I remembered pieces of voice lessons that my mother had taught me, the concept of my voice being a muscle made sense to me. So I practiced every day, as often as I could. The band name changed as I took over lead vocals. As It Unfolds was our name and the reason I forced myself to learn to sing. By the time I had to record our demo I had many hours of vocal training under my belt. The result blew me away. I never thought that I was capable of making such a high quality vocal recording.

It wasn’t long before that band broke up and I quit music all together. I became career driven and worked my way up to assistant manager at WalMart. I had a good job and was making good money but something was missing. As I jogged down the sidewalk one morning I heard a dubstep song come on pandora. It was my first time hearing this type of music and I was instantly in love with it. I would pick apart the pieces of each instrument and synth as I listened and it wasn’t long before I bought a computer program and started making it myself.

I was back! Music was my life again. I began making YouTube videos and enjoyed every step of the process. I would invest the money I made at my job into better equipment. As I continue to wright, record, and perform I don’t really care where this music takes me. But I know that I am here to enjoy the ride and I hope you choose to enjoy it with me!

Because music is my passion.